WD-40 für den iPhone Home-Button

Ich nutze WD-40 ja hauptsächlich für meine alte Vespa PX, aber Khoi Vinh hat herausgefunden, dass sich damit auch unzuverlässige iPhone Home-Buttons wieder in einen nahezu neuen Zustand versetzen lassen:

In my experience, on not just my own iPhone 4 but also on my girlfriend’s, WD-40 restores the responsiveness of the iPhone’s home button to basically like-new condition. I just sprayed a little bit of WD-40 directly on the button, then pressed the button rapidly a few dozen times, tested its responsiveness afterwards, then repeated the process two or three times until it began to improve. Then I used the phone for a day or two to see how well the button did in actual use; I found that after a few days the problem ebbed back slightly, at which point I applied more WD-40. After the second or third application, the responsiveness remained indefinitely.

Er hat übrigens auch so seine Zweifel, dass die zum Teil trägen Home-Buttons auf die Software zurückzuführen sind:

I was surprised to discover from a friend that Apple technicians diagnosed this problem on her phone as software related, which struck me as counter-inuitive, as it seemed to me to be very much a hardware problem.

In jedem Fall einen Versuch wert.

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