The definite iOS wallpaper overview

As there are hundreds of thousands of wallpaper resources for your iPhone/iPad, but not a single one featuring the really good ones, I thought I put together a continuous post of the most awesome walls around.

Triangles by SoftFacade

Absolutely fantastic wallpaper for iPhone and Mac. [Download for iPhone/Mac]

Trio by Marc Edwards

Comes in different colors. [Download for iPhone/iPad/Mac]

Juxtaposition Neue by Mantia

The cleanest wallpaper you’ll find. Best on iPad. [Download for iPhone/iPad/Mac]

Light by Hector Simpson

Emphasizes your app icons. [Download for iPhone/iPad/Mac]

Geometrical wallpaper by Simon C Page

Maths can be beautiful. [Download for iPad]

Between here and there by John Carey

Calm. [Download for iPad]

3D landscape by Timothy J. Reynolds

Who wouldn’t want to live there? [Download for iPhone/iPad/Mac]

Christopher Jaurique

Another stunning wall. [Download for iPhone/iPad/Mac]

To be continued..

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