Spotify kills music

I love music. I make music. There’s no such thing like music. It fulfills you with emotions and attaches to your memories like nothing else. In short, music is extremely precious.

In the olden days, one would walk into a music store, listen to tracks and buy an album for a very favourable price. Today, it is much easier. You can pre-listen and buy your music within seconds through online music stores like the iTunes Music Store. Still, it’s very cheap. I just bought Chilly Gonzales’ Solo Piano II (the Deluxe Version with 17 songs and 7 videos) for EUR 11,99. This is fucking cheap bearing in mind I just bought something that’ll make me happy for a long time.

But today, there’s also Spotify. I use it too – I’m a premium subscriber – but with a difference: I still buy the music I like. What makes me anxious is the amount of money artists get from Spotify. As a premium subscriber I pay EUR 9,99 (less than the cost of the Solo Piano II album) monthly and can listen to a freaking huge amount of music. Everywhere. Anytime.

It doesn’t work out.

And don’t forget, you can also listen to Spotify paying zero money. Sadly, many, many people are doing this.

Spotify harmed the value of music. You can’t just step back and tell people they should pay 10 bucks for an album. They’ve seen Spotify, which told them they can get everything for 10 bucks a month. This is fatal.

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