OS X Lion

I installed Lion on my 27″ iMac and immediately knew that this wasn’t developed for desktop computers. I’m frustrated and thinking about downgrading back to 10.6.8.

In short:

  • “Natural Scrolling” just isn’t natural, it’s wrong and only works on iPad/iPhone
  • New scrollbars are only visible when you roll over the window, which is wrong
  • Launchpad is useless
  • Mission Control is ugly; what was wrong with Exposé?
  • Auto-Save sucks. I want to be able to control my files
  • Everything, yes, everything is grey. Just look at the new Finder
  • Don’t open iCal, it’ll hurt your eyes

Lion wasn’t made for experienced users. It doesn’t support you being productive. And for crying out loud: the (i)Mac isn’t an iPad and I don’t want it to be an iPad. It just doesn’t work.

Update (07/24/11):

I’ve had enough. I’m downgrading. I’ve experienced numerous freezes, which, compared with all the other issues, is intolerable.

Update (08/25/11):

Lion has become more reliable since 10.7.1 and I actually start to enjoy working with it.

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