How doctors die

“It’s not a frequent topic of discussion, but doctors die, too. And they don’t die like the rest of us. What’s unusual about them is not how much treatment they get compared to most Americans, but how little. For all the time they spend fending off the deaths of others, they tend to be fairly serene when faced with death themselves. They know exactly what is going to happen, they know the choices, and they generally have access to any sort of medical care they could want. But they go gently.

Of course, doctors don’t want to die; they want to live. But they know enough about modern medicine to know its limits. And they know enough about death to know what all people fear most: dying in pain, and dying alone. They’ve talked about this with their families. They want to be sure, when the time comes, that no heroic measures will happen-that they will never experience, during their last moments on earth, someone breaking their ribs in an attempt to resuscitate them with CPR (that’s what happens if CPR is done right).”

Ich habe ein halbes Jahr in einem Krankenhaus gearbeitet. Das war eine harte Zeit, hat mich aber eines gelehrt: ich möchte nicht mit allen verfügbaren medizinischen Mitteln am Leben gehalten werden. Das ist nicht würdig und vor allen Dingen aber: nicht nötig.

(via kottke)

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