2 months with the iPhone XR

I’ve owned every iPhone since the iPhone 3G in 2008. And to be honest, it was the iPhone that I liked the most. Nowadays I use an iPhone XR. I upgraded from an iPhone X. Many people would call this idiotic and more of a downgrade. Let me tell you why I switched from an iPhone X:

  • I prefer LCD screens. AMOLEDs are too yellow-ish and I don’t like PWM.
  • Battery life is significantly better
  • Much improved camera

I do not regret switching, but I’m also not really satisfied. The iPhone XR feels bulky and hefty. I have quite large hands and I barely reach the top to pull down the notification center, even the back swipe is quite arduous. I can’t image any women comfortably using it. And remember, Apple sees this as the new default iPhone size.

Apart from that, it’s a nice iPhone. The battery life is extraordinary. The display, and don’t let anyone tell you something different, is really good and has its advantages over AMOLED screens. Face ID and the camera are much improved over the iPhone X. And the performance is second to none.

All in all, you get a fantastic device for the price. I wouldn’t recommend the XS / XS Max. You get nearly everything those two do, but for less money and with additional benefits like longer battery life and, in my opinion, better looks with the aluminium frame and colourful options.

If you need a case: don’t go for the Clear Case from Apple. It’s their worst product right now. It feels cheap and adds a lot of bulk. I recommend the hard graft full on grainy iPhone cover. I dropped my XR with this case and the screen smashed. Maybe you should buy AppleCare+ and use no case at all :-)

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