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“But if you can see its insanity, you’ll love it.”Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal

Die Zukunft von Instagram

They did this to spite Vine (and Twitter, which owns Vine), not because it makes Instagram better, because it doesn’t make Instagram better, it makes it worse. Slow to load, noise I don’t want, bursts their bubble of simplicity and focus. Thankfully there’s a setting to turn off “Auto-Play Videos”; otherwise I’d abandon ship.John Gruber […]

Start From Scratch

Yesterday I received a replacement iPhone 5 due to battery failure. Instead of restoring my old backup, I started from scratch. As you can see, there’s really not much I need. Apart from the obvious ones, I got Dropbox mainly for syncing photographs, a banking app and car2go to book electrified smarts. On the second […]

iOS 6

It’s easy to be disappointed by the upcoming iOS version. There’s no massive new feature like the notification center which has been introduced in iOS 5. Yes, there may be a new Maps app, but it may well be that in the early stages it’ll be inferior to the current Maps application with map material […]

iOS 6: eine herbe Enttäuschung

Läuft Google Apple bereits den Rang ab? Ich habe in den letzten Wochen iOS 6 primär auf meinem Retina iPad getestet und bin relativ enttäuscht. Ähnlich wie bei Mountain Lion wird sich in iOS 6 wenig ändern, hauptsächlich wird verbessert und zum Teil nützliche Funktionen wie “Nicht stören” werden hinzugefügt. Die größte Neuerung wird die […]

The definite iOS wallpaper overview

As there are hundreds of thousands of wallpaper resources for your iPhone/iPad, but not a single one featuring the really good ones, I thought I put together a continuous post of the most awesome walls around.

#1 rule of Instagram

If you don’t want to ruin Instagram, please follow this simple rule: DO NOT pick a photo off the internet, your computer, DSLR or whatever device, then transfer it to your smartphone, then apply a filter and post it. Extra douche points awarded for Tumblr pictures which appear on Instagram. Oh and no, applying filters […]