iTunes Match ‘streaming’

If you’re subscribed to iTunes Match and want to stream a song, or a movie, the iOS Music/Videos app doesn’t really stream the media. It downloads the whole thing in the background, but it seems to keep the stored file in some sort of temporary folder. The really annoying thing is that you can’t access that folder. Even the Music/Videos app doesn’t know that the file is now stored on your iPhone/iPad. So you’re running out of storage, and as it turns out, it is a massively annoying procedure to get rid of those files:

Open iTunes & App Store in Settings, and uncheck Music / Videos in ‘Show All’. Then re-open the Music/Videos app. You should now see only the files locally stored on your device. At this point, you still cannot delete those files. You now have to manually download every file by tapping the cloud icon. After downloading, you can finally delete them.

This buggy behaviour was introduced a long time ago. I filed bug reports, but it seems Apple doesn’t care about that issue.

The New Yorker: The Shape of Things to Come

“Team members work twelve hours a day and can’t discuss work with friends. Each project has a lead designer, but almost everyone contributes to every project, and shares the credit. (Who had this or that idea? “The team.”) Ive describes his role as lying between two extremes of design leadership: he is not the source of all creativity, nor does he merely assess the proposals of colleagues. The big ideas are often his, and he has an opinion about every detail.”Ian Parker, The New Yorker

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

Ich hatte schon immer ein Faible für Bowers & Wilkins. Auch nach Jahren bin ich immer noch jedes Mal begeistert, wenn ich meinen P5 oder Zeppelin nutze. Derart überzeugt habe ich heute dann ohne lange nachzudenken die MM-1 gekauft. Und was soll man sagen? Wie üblich unglaublich klarer, aber trotzdem satter Klang. Ich wüsste nicht was B&W hier hätte besser machen können. Kaufempfehlung.

Fred Wilson: “What Is Going To Happen”

“Another market where the reality will not live up to the hype is wearables. The Apple Watch will not be the homerun product that iPod, iPhone, and iPad have been. Not everyone will want to wear a computer on their wrist. Eventually, this market will be realized as the personal mesh/personal cloud, but the focus on wearables will be a bit of a headfake and take up a lot of time, energy, and money in 2015 with not a lot of results.”Fred Wilson, AVC

iOS 8.0.1 and iCloud security

Ugh, rough week for Apple. Yesterday they publicly released a faulty iOS update and pulled it back. I have absolutely no idea how this build has made it through internal testing.

Today, Mac Rumors reports that Apple knew about the iCloud security flaw six months ago:

“In an email from March 2014, Balic told Apple that he was able to bypass the security of any iCloud account by using a “brute-force” hacking method that was able to try over 20,000 password combinations.”

Normally I’d be the first to defend Apple, but this is just too embarrassing.

A few words on the new iPhone 6

Yesterday, Apple announced two new iPhones in a for web viewers infuriating event. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t get more fanboy than me, but Apple still can’t do internet properly. Never before was an announcement that bold, Apple even redirected their front page to the countdown which later became the stream and live blog. And then, the only moment the stream was reliable, was when U2 was on stage.

But that’s not what bugs me most. In my mind the new iPhone 6 looks uninspired, it is the least beautiful iPhone ever. Their obsession with thinness resulted in the need of a protruding camera lens. Your iPhone will now wobble when you use it on a flat desk. How is that good design? I bought every iPhone since the original iPhone, and I always couldn’t await the day it was delivered. Being a developer and tech nerd, I need to buy the new iPhone 6 in order to keep up with the zeitgeist, but the iPhone 6 is definitely the first iPhone I’m not very impatient to get it.

Lastly, I found a thread on /r/apple regarding the protruding lens. Have a look at this product image of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus:

Image Credit: Apple

Missing something? Yes, you are correct. Apple removed the lens. Even Apple isn’t sure about its own design. I fear they lost some of their magic yesterday.