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“Apple is like the weather; it pays no attention to criticism.”Swapnil Bhartiya, ITworld

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

Ich hatte schon immer ein Faible für Bowers & Wilkins. Auch nach Jahren bin ich immer noch jedes Mal begeistert, wenn ich meinen P5 oder Zeppelin nutze. Derart überzeugt habe ich heute dann ohne lange nachzudenken die MM-1 gekauft. Und was soll man sagen? Wie üblich unglaublich klarer, aber trotzdem satter Klang. Ich wüsste nicht […]

“Another market where the reality will not live up to the hype is wearables. The Apple Watch will not be the homerun product that iPod, iPhone, and iPad have been. Not everyone will want to wear a computer on their wrist. Eventually, this market will be realized as the personal mesh/personal cloud, but the focus […]

FB, Apple to pay for female employees to freeze eggs

Siri Srinivas, The Guardian: “Beginning in January, Apple will pick up the tab on bills up to $20,000 for egg-freezing procedures taken by its female employees. This is in addition to Facebook’s $4,000 cash bonus to new parents and Apple’s 18-week paid maternity leave.”

iOS 8.0.1 and iCloud security

Ugh, rough week for Apple. Yesterday they publicly released a faulty iOS update and pulled it back. I have absolutely no idea how this build has made it through internal testing. Today, Mac Rumors reports that Apple knew about the iCloud security flaw six months ago: “In an email from March 2014, Balic told Apple […]

A few words on the new iPhone 6

Yesterday, Apple announced two new iPhones in a for web viewers infuriating event. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t get more fanboy than me, but Apple still can’t do internet properly. Never before was an announcement that bold, Apple even redirected their front page to the countdown which later became the stream and live blog. […]

“What responsibility does a tech ecosystem bear to enable customers to easily leave that ecosystem? When an ecosystem is created, do the exit tools need to be created at the same time? Obviously, part of the value of an ecosystem, from a business point of view, is the friction that keeps customers on board. Clearly, […]

“As for Kawano, did he ever get an amazing piece of advice, or an incredible compliment from Jobs? “Nothing personally,” he admits, and then laughs. “The only thing that was really positive was, in the cafeteria one time, when he told me that the salmon I took looked really great, and he was going to […]