July 1, 2014#

1Password Beta using Touch ID in iOS 8

This is really awesome:

May 27, 2014#

He wins the internet today

May 22, 2014#

Leaving iMessage

Dave Mark, The Loop:

What responsibility does a tech ecosystem bear to enable customers to easily leave that ecosystem? When an ecosystem is created, do the exit tools need to be created at the same time? Obviously, part of the value of an ecosystem, from a business point of view, is the friction that keeps customers on board. Clearly, there is a disincentive to making it easy for customers to leave.

May 22, 2014#

4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer

Mark Wilson:

As for Kawano, did he ever get an amazing piece of advice, or an incredible compliment from Jobs?

“Nothing personally,” he admits, and then laughs. “The only thing that was really positive was, in the cafeteria one time, when he told me that the salmon I took looked really great, and he was going to go get that.”

April 8, 2014#

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

Scotty Loveless has written the single best post on iOS battery drain:

iOS 7 made it super fun to close your apps: all you have to do is double-click the home button and swipe up on the app preview to blast it into a digital black hole.

What most people tell you is that closing your apps will save your battery life because it keeps the apps from running in the background.


This. Additionally, Facebook seems to be one of the strongest battery sucking app:

During this testing, Facebook kept jumping up on the process list even though I wasn’t using it. So I tried disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook, and you’ll never guess what happened: my battery percentage increased. It jumped from 12% to 17%. Crazy. I’ve never seen that happen before on an iPhone. The iPod touch exhibits this behavior, to my memory, although I haven’t tested it in a while. For the iPhone, the battery percentage is usually pretty consistent.

It’s interesting that the iOS battery percentage is actually an estimate.

March 26, 2014#

Touch ID

6 months later, Touch ID is still working flawlessly on my iPhone 5s. It’s one of those brilliant features that won’t get in your way. I’m glad Apple is concentrating on features that matter and isn’t pushing out stuff you obviously don’t need and won’t use for long.

March 10, 2014#

Minimally Minimal: Apple iSight

The iSight featured this really cool mechanical privacy shutter that could be opened and closed by twisting the ring around the lens. It moves with a satisfying click and though it doesn’t feel quite as precise as something Apple could do today, it was lightyears ahead of its time.

February 3, 2014#
October 22, 2013#

iOS 7.0.3 brings back iOS 6 snappiness

Enable ‘Reduce Motion’ in Settings > General > Accessibility to see new, smooth and blazing fast animations while starting and switching apps. Thanks for that, Apple!

October 7, 2013#

“But if you can see its insanity, you’ll love it.”