iTunes Match ‘streaming’

If you’re subscribed to iTunes Match and want to stream a song, or a movie, the iOS Music/Videos app doesn’t really stream the media. It downloads the whole thing in the background, but it seems to keep the stored file in some sort of temporary folder. The really annoying thing is that you can’t access that folder. Even the Music/Videos app doesn’t know that the file is now stored on your iPhone/iPad. So you’re running out of storage, and as it turns out, it is a massively annoying procedure to get rid of those files:

Open iTunes & App Store in Settings, and uncheck Music / Videos in ‘Show All’. Then re-open the Music/Videos app. You should now see only the files locally stored on your device. At this point, you still cannot delete those files. You now have to manually download every file by tapping the cloud icon. After downloading, you can finally delete them.

This buggy behaviour was introduced a long time ago. I filed bug reports, but it seems Apple doesn’t care about that issue.

Why you shouldn’t abandon Gmail

I’ve spend the weekend changing my main e-mail address, away from Gmail, where I’ve been since it started as a closed beta in June 2004, to the new Hosted Exchange solution by Host Europe and after that to a self-hosted IMAP e-mail. It turned out to be a waste of time. Let me explain why:

Gmail just works
Much like Apple products, Gmail works flawlessly. You can concentrate on reading and writing e-mails rather than fiddling with settings.

Spam protection
Gmail has by far the best spam filter.

Google’s 2-Step Verification along with the Google Authenticator app lets you sleep well. You can also create app-specific passwords. My Google account is the one I feel best with when it comes to security and safety.

Web frontend
I’ve tried a lot of e-mail web frontends over the years, but again, Gmail wins.

There are some downsides, of course. Google will automatically, but robotically scan your e-mails to show targeted ads. I don’t really have a problem with that. You cannot use your own domain unless you sign up for Google for Work. I used Google Apps back then, but I hated having two Google Accounts, so I switched back solely to my address. It feels sane.

The Alps

Last weekend I had the privilege to fly over the Alps in a motor glider. Thanks to perfect weather we had a majestic and absolutely stunning view.

Alps from Above

You Can’t Copyright Facts

“Some of the more hated aspects of online publishing (headline bait, idiotic correlations out of context, pagination, slideshows, popups, fly in ad units, auto play videos, full page, … etc.) are not done because online publishers want to be jackasses, but because it is hard to make the numbers work in a competitive environment.”Aaron Wall

The New Yorker: The Shape of Things to Come

“Team members work twelve hours a day and can’t discuss work with friends. Each project has a lead designer, but almost everyone contributes to every project, and shares the credit. (Who had this or that idea? “The team.”) Ive describes his role as lying between two extremes of design leadership: he is not the source of all creativity, nor does he merely assess the proposals of colleagues. The big ideas are often his, and he has an opinion about every detail.”Ian Parker, The New Yorker

Golem zieht Bilanz

Golem bietet seit einiger Zeit ein Abomodell an, bei dem der User keine Werbung angezeigt bekommt. Wirklich viel haben sie damit nicht verdient, aber immerhin lässt sich davon fast eine Redakteurstelle finanzieren. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich jedoch folgenden Punkt:

„Nutzer, die Werbung blockieren, bringen kein Geld, verursachen aber Kosten (Server, Strom, Traffic).“

Exakt so ist es. Viele haben das leider immer noch nicht verstanden und nutzen nach wie vor Adblocker. Die einzigen, die davon profitieren und daran verdienen, sind die Firmen hinter den Adblockern, da sie oft Verträge mit großen Adnetzwerken (z.B. Google) haben. Google zahlt in so einem Fall für Ausnahmen, also Werbeanzeigen die der Adblocker toleriert und schließlich auch anzeigt.

Ich denke die wenigen Abonnenten von Golem sind hauptsächlich Idealisten, die zum einen eine klare Seite ohne Werbeanzeigen schätzen, zum anderen aber auch bewusst Golem in ihrer Arbeit unterstützen möchten.