“The End of Twitter”

Joshua Topolsky, The New Yorker:

“You may not agree with Zuckerberg’s “one identity” concept, but the fact that people have to register their real names has certainly made Facebook a much safer space in which to engage.”

I use Facebook at work to create ads and maintain our company page. It’s so much more pleasant to use. And Facebook is very well made, everything works as you expect it to. I still love Twitter, but I worry about where it’s heading.

Unitymedia sind die Kunden egal

Seit Anfang 2015 läuft auf meiner von Unitymedia gestellten FRITZ!Box 6490 die Firmware FRITZ!OS 6.24. Ich bin Business-Kunde und kann theoretisch den Bridge Modus verwenden, um eigene Switches bzw. Router zu nutzen. Einige schwerwiegende Bugs, die bis heute nicht behoben wurden, schmälern jedoch das Vergnügen.

Ich nutze eine AirPort Extreme als Router, die über Gigabit-Ethernet an der 6490 angeschlossen ist. Die Bandbreite des Anschlusses beträgt 150/10 (Down/Up). Maximal erreiche ich über Bridging 60 MBit/s. Laut Hotline ist dies ein bekannter Fehler. Seit nun fast einem Jahr. Bis dato gibt es keinerlei Informationen ob und wann die 6490 eine neue Firmware erhält.

Will man die FRITZ!Box 6490 als Router nutzen, kann man über das 5GHz WiFi-Netzwerk bis zu 1300 MBit/s (802.11ac) erreichen. Jedoch hat die aktuelle Firmware einen weiteren Bug, der anscheinend bei mehreren TCP Anfragen das 5GHz Netzwerk verlangsamt. Nutzt man 802.11n mit 20MHz treten keine Probleme auf, jedoch ist hier die Datenrate wesentlich geringer.

Die Frage ist nun, mit was man zuerst rechnen kann: einem Firmware Update von Unitymedia oder der freien Routerwahl, die Mitte 2016 möglich sein soll.

Update, 04.02.2016
Laut Hotline soll in Q1 die neue Firmware-Version freigegeben werden.

Music Memos by Apple

Apple today released Music Memos, “an app to capture your song ideas”. It’s targeted to musicians and turns out to be pretty great. You hit record and it records through your iPhone microphone or any microphone you plug in.

Here’s a short test I did with my piano.

Self-driving cars within 5 years

“Google cofounder Sergey Brin said Google will have autonomous cars available for the general public within five years. “You can count on one hand the number of years it will take before ordinary people can experience this,” he said at the signing of SB 1298, which establishes safety and performance standards for cars operated by computers on California roads and highways.”CNET

German car makers should really get their shit together and identify Google as the winning company here. Germany doesn’t understand that data will be existential. They are still amateurs in that sector. Utterly disappointing.

“What Apple’s Tim Cook Overlooked in His Defense of Privacy”

Farhad Manjoo, writing for the New York Times:

“Mr. Cook is fond of arguing that “when an online service is free, you’re not the customer; you’re the product.” That view is simplistic because it overlooks the economic logic of these services, especially the idea that many of them would never work without a business model like advertising. Services like social networks and search engines get substantially better as more people use them — which means that the more they cost to users, the worse they are. They work best when they’re free, and the best way to make them free is to pay for them with another business that depends on scale — and advertising is among the best such businesses.”

Good article. I also recommend “Privacy vs. User Experience” by Dustin Curtis.

A few weeks with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a nice little gadget with useful features. In the last four weeks I wore the watch every day, the bands are very comfortable and the device itself isn’t too heavy. The build quality is very good. The battery lasts nearly 2 days.

My two most used features were: telling the time and notifications. I barely used any apps, not even the pre installed Apple apps. I liked the glances, especially heart rate, weather and maps. I fear third party apps will have a hard time. Tapping on the watch doesn’t feel very natural and I’m thankful for the digital crown.

All in all, I still use and love my iPhone the same, but receiving notifications on a device you are wearing is really quite neat. My iPhone is now muted all day long, with my Watch informing me whether I should put it out of my pocket or not.

“Depression is the feeling you get the first time you face the weight of existence”

Clive Parkinson, writing for Aeon Ideas:

“And so I don’t tend to think of depression in terms of pathology; I rather think that depression is a very legitimate emotional response to the realising, for the first time, the weight of existence. Life is short, totally different capacities for contribution (no-one has sufficient information to authoritatively tell you how you should spend your life), and the opportunity cost of every decision is crushing– especially the decisions we are currently making, and especially those decisions that we’re making by default of not making a decision. Why wouldn’t we be crushed by the fear of not living up to our potential?”

This is spot on.