September 17, 2014#

Without a keyboard

Seth Godin:

Many people are quietly giving away one of the most powerful tools ever created—the ability to craft and spread revolutionary ideas. Coding, writing, persuading, calculating—they still matter.

September 12, 2014#

Octave Minds

Octave Minds

Octave Minds, a project by Chilly Gonzales and Boys Noize, has released their first album and it is available today in the iTunes Store. I’ve just listened through for the first time and I absolutely adore it.

September 10, 2014#

A few words on the new iPhone 6

Yesterday, Apple announced two new iPhones in a for web viewers infuriating event. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t get more fanboy than me, but Apple still can’t do internet properly. Never before was an announcement that bold, Apple even redirected their front page to the countdown which later became the stream and live blog. And then, the only moment the stream was reliable, was when U2 was on stage.

But that’s not what bugs me most. In my mind the new iPhone 6 looks uninspired, it is the least beautiful iPhone ever. Their obsession with thinness resulted in the need of a protruding camera lens. Your iPhone will now wobble when you use it on a flat desk. How is that good design? I bought every iPhone since the original iPhone, and I always couldn’t await the day it was delivered. Being a developer and tech nerd, I need to buy the new iPhone 6 in order to keep up with the zeitgeist, but the iPhone 6 is definitely the first iPhone I’m not very impatient to get it.

Lastly, I found a thread on /r/apple regarding the protruding lens. Have a look at this product image of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus:

Image credit: Apple, full resolution

Missing something? Yes, you are correct. Apple removed the lens. Even Apple isn’t sure about its own design. I fear they lost some of their magic yesterday.

September 3, 2014#

A Googler’s Tips: Be ‘Brutal,’ Say No to Meetings

Some interesting insights from Google for Work chief Amit Singh.

August 11, 2014#

The Pros and Cons of Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean

The Atlantic:

David Welsford doesn’t pay rent or have a full time job. Instead, he lives on a 50-year-old wooden boat. A few years ago, he gave up the luxuries of land for life alone in the sea. “For me, what’s more important than having a big house is having a space that makes me feel good,” he says.

Take 8 mins of your time, watch this video and be prepared to question your current life.

July 16, 2014#

Dropbox partners with Deutsche Telekom to sell bloatware


Starting in October, DT will preload Dropbox onto most of their Android devices in select Central and Eastern European countries, while also helping existing iOS and Android users discover Dropbox. This’ll make it easier than ever for people to access and share their stuff wherever they are.

Yeah, I can hear every Android user celebrating even more bloatware on their TouchWiz and Sense tortured Android devices.

July 8, 2014#

“Internet” Available To All

HN user bigbugbag on WSJ article “Mark Zuckerberg on a Future Where the Internet Is Available to All“:

I trust Mark Zuckerberg to do his best at replacing the internet by facebook access. It has already happened in France where mobile provider offer “internet access” strictly limited to facebook for a couple euros. This is not internet available to all, more like what microsoft failed to do in 1995 with msn.

Nothing more to add.

July 1, 2014#

1Password Beta using Touch ID in iOS 8

This is really awesome:

June 16, 2014#

You should follow this guy

Incredible photographs. I’m still fascinated by this: three guys in space, tweeting photographs in real time. I love technology.

May 28, 2014#

In Chrome 36, you can no longer disable the notification icon in the menu bar (OS X)

A few versions ago, Chrome added a hideous notification icon to the menu bar in OS X. It’s enabled by default, but you had the option to disable it in chrome://flags. In Chrome 34 you needed to disable Enable Rich Notifications Mac, Windows, in Chrome 35 it changed to Notification Center behavior Mac. Shockingly, in the current Chrome 36 Beta there is no way to disable it, as this option seemingly has been removed.

For the last years, Chrome was the best browser available. But by enforcing useless and ugly features like this to its users, Chrome has had it for me. I’ll return to Safari, even though it’s by far not perfect. But at least it won’t bug me.

Thankfully, you can now hide it directly via the menu bar: Chrome, Hide Notifications Icon. Although I still disagree with Google using their own notification system instead of OS X’ native one, this seems like a good move. Thanks for the tip, Thanik!